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We have a role for every adult in our community who gets excited about adolescents hearing of God's love for them.
We all make choices about how we spend the resources we have. It’s what economists call investing our “capital." An easy example here is money. The world teaches us to invest our finances to gain more financial return; but Jesus trains us to look at ALL of God’s resources (both in and around us) to invest into His kingdom. And the return is often much more, and of greater value, than money. We believe that everyone has capital that can impact this ministry:
  • Spiritual Capital — Spiritual Capital is the spiritual “equity” we have available to invest. It’s measured in wisdom and power. How have you experienced the love, wisdom, and powerful transformation of Jesus in your life or in the lives around you?
  • Relational Capital Relational Capital is the relational equity we’ve built with others. It’s measured in the quality and depth of connection we have in various relationships. It’s all about our friendships, networks, support systems, and connections. So, who do you know?
  • Physical Capital — Physical Capital is the time and energy we have available to invest. It’s measured in hours and minutes. Where do you choose to invest your time and energy?
  • Intellectual Capital — Intellectual Capital is the creativity and knowledge we have available to invest. It is measured in concepts and ideas. What ideas, knowledge, or planning abilities do you have that could make a difference?
  • Financial Capital — Financial Capital is the money we have available to invest. We measure this in dollars and cents. Money is not innately good or bad; it has no merit of its own. It’s simply a resource to be invested well. Do you have finances that could help fuel the ministry of Young Life?

The question is...What capital can you invest into the ministry of Young Life?

It is currently impossible for Young Life to connect with EVERY kid in Dearborn County and tell them the truth about God and His love for them. This CAN become a reality. It will take adults in our community willing to invest the gifts, abilities, and CAPITAL they already have into the mission of Young Life!
When you choose to invest your capital into the ministry of Young Life you become a part of a community with a front row seat watching God work in the lives of kids. Or maybe you know someone who would make a great Young Life committee member. Bring them here!

If you have a couple of minutes, hear from a committee chair who has invested his capital into this ministry!


Gill, a past volunteer leader, found his niche by leading the local committee. He is passionate about supporting staff so they can focus on spending more time with kids.


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