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What Happens at Young Life Club?

It is hard to know what Young Life Club is like without experiencing​ it. Hang out with your friends. Laugh. Have a good time and be yourself. Although the name might imply it, Young Life Club is not something you "join" or pay for. Anyone in high school is welcome. You just show up, and have fun. The video above is just a snapshot of what kids will experience each week.

Our founder Jim Rayburn once said, "We believe it is sinful to bore kids with the gospel. Christ is the strongest, grandest, most attractive personality to ever grace the earth. But a careless messenger with the wrong method can reduce all this magnificence to the level of boredom …. It is a crime to bore anyone with the gospel."

Something that people may not realize about Young Life is how much time and planning has been spent for each aspect of the ministry.
Club is no exception. 
It is specifically engineered to serve as a non-threatening atmosphere for any kid to enjoy, regardless of their background or religious history. It is a place every high school kid can be invited to and feel welcome. 
If you have the time, here's a more in depth breakdown of a normal club and what each part of it is meant to accomplish. Spoilers ahead though, so we'd love for you to check this out in person if you are in high school.

1. Fast Song - One example would be a song like Imagine Dragon's - Thunder. Kids feel comfortable hearing something they know and it makes them feel involved and part of a community when they sing something with their friends. 
Also, everyone just dances around. It may seem kind of pointless, but it conveys to kids that image is really not that important. You can be silly and goofy, and that's ok. It breaks the ice, especially when paired with our second activity. The Mixer. 

2. Mixer - This is basically a big group game of some kind that gets kids moving and generally helps students relate to other people in the room. It is a low-stress activity that makes kids feel welcome. Also, it can break up cliques and helps everyone get to know people they may not know. 

3. Medium Song - Often times, kids can be pretty excited and wound up after the mixer and fast song. So, before we ask them to sit down and pay attention to something, we do a transition song that is a little slower to bring the vibe and energy back down to a more manageable level. 

4. Skit - The skit is a time when adult and/or student leaders get upfront and do something silly. The whole point here is to communicate to kids that leaders are not some kind of "holier than thou" people who are stuck up and no-fun. It once again communicates to kids that image is less important than everyone says. The skit tells kids "we are being goofy and having a blast doing it, and so can you."
Another reason we do skits is because we want kids to laugh. Laughter breaks down walls and barriers that kids have up. When someone laughs, they become more open to hearing the gospel. We also want kids to know that we don’t take ourselves to seriously, and we are ok with being laughed at ourselves. We also use the skit to let kids know about camp or an upcoming event.

5. Upfront Game - The upfront game is an activity or game with 4-6 specific kids. In most cases, we think through and pick out new kids or students who need a "win". The other kids know to cheer on the kids that are "competing." It makes new kids feel involved, welcomed, and succesful. Some of these students have never been or never will be on a team/group where they will be celebrated. It is a wonderful privilege and opportunity to simply get excited for these kids. The upfront game, along with a slower song, begin to focus kids up front and prepare them to hear a message.

6. Slow Song - This song is generally a contemplative song that talks about something a little more meaningful. It's used as a bridge between the rest of club and the "talk." Kids sit down while singing this song in order to foster a sense of calm and importance.

7. Talk - The rest of the night sets up an opportunity for us to share a story about Jesus. We strive to continue the non-threatening atmosphere for any kid to enjoy, especially with the talks we prepare. Each high school student who hears a Club talk has the opportunity and freedom respond to these messages without fear of judgement from their leaders or peers.
It is typically a message 10-15 minutes long and covers a variety of topics that matter and relate to students where they are right now. Leaders share stories and examples of how their lives have been impacted through a personal relationship with Jesus. They then share the connection from these personal stories to messages from the Bible. Typically, each semester follows a similar overarching theme.

  • We start the semester off with an "introduction talk," this helps students who are new to Young Life get an idea of what they are going to experience throughout the semester. It gives us a chance to ask them questions like; "Does God exist?", "If he does, what is he like?", and "What are some misconceptions we might have?"

  • After this introduction we share two or three "person-of-Jesus talks," where we begin to describe who Jesus was in very clear language. We try to help students understand that Jesus was a real person and that the things shared in the Bible actually took place. Students get to hear what the Bible really says about Jesus’ character.

  • We then move to a "need talk". These are talks that help students recognize that every person has needs and desires beyond what we can attain on our own. We share that these needs can only be met throught a relationship with Jesus.

  • After the "need talk" we move onto a "sin and cross" talk, where we explain how and why everyone is broken, has sinned, and why Jesus is the only answer. (This message is shared throughout each talk, but the "sin and cross talk" is very clear, particularly during this message.)

  • Finally, we finish off the semester by answering the question, "What's next?" We talk about the ressurection and how Jesus asks for a response.
8. After Club - Typically, we go to McDonalds to get food and simply hang out. Often, kids discuss the talk with their leaders and friends. People begin sharing things about their lives with one another. This is a very special moment that can give kids a glimpse of what community could look like.

Everything with club is thought through and planned in order to create the best possible environment for kids to come in, have fun, and hear a story about what we believe is the most important thing: God's love for them and the lengths he is willing to go to have a relationship with them.


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