Talking About What Matters to Kids

Young Life Campaigners has changed very little since its conception in Gainesville, Texas. From the start, a core group of kids who caught the vision came together with their leaders to learn more about what it means to love and follow Jesus and love their friends for His sake. They prayed for their school and strategized how to most effectively use the tool of Young Life club to reach their peers. The original name of Young Life was "Young Life Campaign," so it was only natural to call those who were very involved, "Campaigners."

As Young Life began to have success in reaching disinterested kids, the staff saw the obvious need for a follow-up program. About this time, Jim Rayburn became good friends with Dawson Trotman, who had begun The Navigators a few years earlier. The two of them often shared ideas — Rayburn talking about how to win people for Christ in a relational way, and Trotman expounding on the great discipleship methods for which The Navigators became famous.


"What is life really all about? What direction is my life headed?"

Kids know that they have the freedom to ask those kinds of questions and talk through them with their friends and Young Life leaders at Campaigners.

Kids bring their questions, opinions, and friends together and meet with leaders for about an hour each week. Kids have a desperate desire to be known and accepted and our leaders meet them right where they are. Campaigners is an opportunity for kids to get to know leaders and other high schoolers while taking a deeper look at what life in a relationship with God could look like. Throughout the year we talk about life, who God is, and how He fits into everything.

Young Life leaders serve our community by connecting with all kids, including those who might be disinterested in religion. The end goal is not to replace church or youth groups, but rather plug disinterested kids into community. Leaders try to, "Earn the right to be heard," and will eventually invite students into a relationship with Jesus. However, leaders will continue to go where kids are creating genuine friendships with them, even if their response is "no".
All students are welcomed and encouraged to attend Young Life events. Even kids who are already connected to a church or are already part of a youth group. Young Life can be another tool to help them grow deeper in their relationship with Christ through study, service and leadership.
Young Life wants to come alongside all of the great things that churches in our community are already doing and simply be a supplement to that.

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