Lawrenceburg Fundraisers

​​Below you can find the fundraisers in which students can participate in to raise money for different Young Life events, including camp! If you would like to receive text updates for our current and upcoming fundraisers, text @lbylfund to 81010


Some of the best fundraisers we have are called WorkDays. Students can raise money by joining a leader on different days throughout the summer to help do yard work, clean, or do general labor for people in our community. Adults are willing to pay kids and leaders to work for them for a few hours. The jobs vary in time and tasks, but we typically total the amount raised over all of the different WorkDays. We then divide that total by the number of kids and the number of hours served to create an hourly rate. As you might guess this rate varies each year, however WorkDays are typically able to raise the largest amount of money for students. 

Total $ Donated for all WorkDays Combined ÷ Number of Hours Logged by All Students = Hourly Rate

Would you like to help Young Life students get to camp by hosting a WorkDay? We will begin taking requests for WorkDays in March of 2019. Please contact Nathaniel Chitty at (765) 237-4217 if you are interested in having work done at your home. Keep in mind that we do not set a specific donation amount, but we are trying to raise money. Please be considerate when deciding on an amount that seems fair for the amount and quality of work completed. Please make checks out to Young Life and be sure to give checks to the Young Life Leaders.

Examples of WorkDays completed in the past; mulching, painting, weed-pulling, cleaning, chopping firewood, flower planting, moving/organizing, and simple fence installation. 

All work & projects will be coordinated between Young Life Staff and individuals. All work & projects will be completed on a “first come – first served” basis. Young Life reserves the right to decline work & requests which may be deemed unsafe or which may require a skill level beyond our ability. There will be a Young Life Leader present at all times and will work as a liason between students and individuals hosting the WorkDay. Please keep in mind that our students, leaders, and staff are not trained landscapers. If there are any issues with the work or if a day needs rescheduled for any reason, please contact Nathaniel Chitty at the phone number listed above.


Please click on the image above for more information on how to raise money by having friends and family purchase coffee through an amazing organization that helps send kids right here in Southeast Indiana to camp as well as kids in Nicaragua. Bags costs $15, kids in Lawrenceburg and Batesville will make $4 per bag of coffee sold will go directly to their camp trip. $1.25 per bag of coffee sold will go to kids in Nicaragua. Once on the coffee fundraiser page, please pay close attention to the highlighted parts to insure that money will be designated correctly.

​​​Trash BAgs

We are selling trash bags in order to raise money for our high school friends to go to Young Life Camp. These rolls of thick, (1.2 - 2 mil.) trash bags are made from 100% recycled plastics, unlike national brands. Each roll costs $13, and students make $6.50 for each roll they sell. The image below has a breakdown of sizes and the total number of bags on each roll. If you are viewing this on a desktop, please click on the image to increase the size of the image.

Comparing our fundraising trash bags to Hefty Renew Recycled bags. Our bags cost 21.6 cents per bag, and a well known national discount store sells Hefty Renew Recycled bags at a cost of 29.6 cents per bag.

Would you like to buy or sell trash bags? Text Nathaniel Chitty at (765) 237- 4217.

Students will be able to sell trash bags in person, and they will need to collect money and/or checks, (made out to Young Life) at that time. Bags will be delivered within two weeks of purchase. Sellers are responsible for collecting money, connecting with leaders to receive bags, and making deliveries (please write down addresses when purchased).

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