​The Young Life Committee
Young Life does not happen in a community without a Committee. It is the backbone and foundation of everything that happens in Young Life. We have a role for every adult in the community who is excited about adolescents hearing of God's love for them. We are looking for adults to serve in a variety of ways.

Prayer Team

We entrust our success to the One we so passionately tell kids about, so if you have the desire to pray for us and with us, we are grateful and would love for you to join our prayer team.
​Event Support
Planning and executing fundraisers and informational meetings, from banquets to barbecues, from golf events to skeet shoots, or any other idea you can think up. Our local area is financially supported exclusively by local families, businesses and churches, so we need help finding those people, engaging them, and thanking them.
​Leader care
Whether it is making them a meal or praying with them, we want our Leaders working with kids to know they've got a team cheering them on.
​Community relations
​When the right people know the right things about Young Life -- from pastors to principals to parents -- the mission takes root and grows.
​Wyldlife Parent team
​With WyldLife, it is important to keep parents informed. If you would like to help connect parents to the ministry of WyldLife, help with events, or be a part of running WyldLife Club, we can find a place for you.
​logistical support
​Stuffing envelopes, data entry, accounting help, newsletter writing -- you name it, we could use your skills!
This is just scratching the surface. And if you don't have the time for a formal committee role, we also need helpers we call the "ministry support team" to play other parts in this effort.​​ If you want to serve Young Life in our community in any capacity, please get in touch with us.

Young Life Southeast Indiana | PO Box 224 Batesville, IN 47006-0224

Phone: (812) 209-9075

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